Athletic Hall of Honor

A person is eligible for nomination to the Athletics Hall of Honor if the nominee is:

  • An athlete, coach, team, or friend of the athletics program
  • A member of the school community in good standing who was respected by coaches and students
  • A graduate of Country Day, or attended the school for at least two years
  • Someone who played at least two years at LCDS and earned at least four varsity letters
  • At least five years past graduating or attending
Inductees Sport Induction Year
G. H. “Hank” Hartman III ’62 Golf, soccer, basketball 2000
Carolyn Whelan Leach ’65 Tennis, field hockey, basketball 2000
Virginia Jarvis Whelan ’74 Tennis, field hockey, basketball 2000
Matt Shuffelbottom ’77 Soccer, basketball, baseball 2000
Eric Kneedler ’91 Soccer, basketball, baseball 2000
Gloria A. Jaremko (coach) Tennis, field hockey, basketball 2000
Joshua L. Grill ’96 Soccer, basketball, baseball 2001
Melanie V. Allen ’92 Field hockey, basketball, softball 2001
Valarie J. Allen ’86 Field hockey, basketball, tennis 2001
Thomas S. Hackett ’62 Golf, soccer, basketball 2002
Scottie Kurtz Ferry ’63 Field hockey, basketball, tennis 2002
John H. Bair ’72 Soccer, basketball, tennis 2002
1991 Field Hockey Team Field hockey 2003
Scott Hill ’75 Soccer, basketball, baseball 2004
Chinh Nguyen ’89 Soccer, basketball, tennis 2004
1964 Boys Soccer Team Soccer 2005
Bob Porter ’89 Soccer, basketball, softball 2006
Mary Fulton Gingrich ’90 Field hockey, basketball, softball 2006
Dale Mylin (coach) Soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse 2007
Sandy Hodge Cross ’59 Field hockey, softball, tennis 2007
Michael J. Swanson ’04 Swimming 2009
Nicole Richie ’00 Tennis 2011
Laura Maier ’01 Tennis 2011
Barbara (Bentley) Brower ’58 Field hockey, tennis, basketball 2013
Jeff Woodland ’87 Basketball 2013
Ashley Moore ’90 Field hockey, basketball, softball 2013
Matt Mersky ’06 Basketball, soccer, lacrosse 2013
Alfred B. Strickler III ’79 Soccer, basketball, tennis 2014
1988-1989 Girls Basketball Team Basketball 2014
Mary Jock (coach) Softball, basketball, field hockey 2014
Amyla Strode Lavric ’89 Basketball, softball 2015
Alex Swanson ’08 Basketball, lacrosse 2015
Alex Blickle ’11 Golf, soccer, basketball 2016
Mary Wismer Porter ’01 Basketball, tennis 2016
Phil Canosa ’03 Basketball, soccer, baseball 2017
Ellen Simpson ’73 Field hockey, basketball, tennis 2017
Nick Accomando ’99 Soccer, basketball, tennis 2018
Jackie Smith ’03 Field hockey, basketball, softball, lacrosse 2018
Bonnie Kaplan ’99 Field hockey, basketball, soccer 2019
Katie Kozloff ’99 Field hockey, basketball, soccer 2019
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