Board of Trustees

Lancaster Country Day School is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of parents, alumni, and prominent community members. As stewards of the school's institutional goals, the Board ensures that our mission is appropriate and relevant to the community we serve. While the Board looks at the big picture, the Head of School is responsible for the school’s day-to-day operation. The two work together to innovate, regulate, and plan for the future.

Members of Board of Trustees

Angela Ang-Alhadeff (P'22, '25)
Caitlin Rye Banta '06
Darren Blakemore (P'33)
Laurin (L.J.) Simmons Bloom '87 (P'21, '23)
Hyasmine Charles (P'18, '21)
George G. Finney III (P'13, '20)
Laura H. Fisher (P'26, '28)
David Groff '85
Sandra Urdaneta Hartmann (P'16, '25, '27)
Gautam Pasupuleti (P'28, '31)
Elizabeth Martin Payne '04
Douglas W. Rebert (P'20)
Kerma Reiss (P'14, '16)
Christopher T. Russo '01 (P'35, '37)
Lucy Song (P'28)
Anthony A. Spleen '82
Mary Beth West (P'21, '26, '31, PP'24)

Executive Leadership 2023-24

List of 4 items.

  • Angela Ang-Alhadeff

  • Anthony A. Spleen '82

  • Kerma Reiss

  • Darren Blakemore


Life Trustees

Sandi Abraham
Judy F. Fulton '61
Bernadette Milner Gardner '87
Eugene H. Gardner, Jr. '84
Kent C. Habecker
Michelle D. "Shelly" Landau
J. Gary Langmuir
Richard L. Levengood
Andrew F. Lucarelli
Christopher W. Mattson
Paul A. Mueller, Jr.
Gina T. Russo 
Alfred B. Strickler, Jr.
Roger D. K. Thomas
Thomas J. Woodland
Richard G. and Helen B. Woolworth

Trustees Emeriti

Lou Castelli
George G. Finney III
June T. Maier
Ann S. Martin
Stephen J. Najarian
Sherry H. Qualls
Laurie Rebert
Peter Rye
Thomas L. Stonerook
Brian J. Tate
Sandra J. Wege

Victoria H. Zuckerman
Lancaster Country Day School is a preschool-12th grade, coed college preparatory school with students from Lancaster, Hershey, York and Reading.