Testimonials that Speak to the Benefits of LCDS's Small Class Size

With only about 12-15 students in my classes, I am pushed further than at the public school I went to before Country Day. The teachers here have the time and the energy to help us learn more.
Sarah Oxholm 

Having a personal relationship with each of my teachers made me not only want to complete all my work but also to do it well.
Jen Gschwend McGough 
Amherst College Graduate

The low student-faculty ratio at LCDS had a significant impact on my life both in college and after. At Duke, many classmates were overwhelmed by the bigger classroom dynamic. Comfortable conversing with adults, I was at ease building close personal relationships with my professors, finding just the right honors thesis advisor, accessing the right recommendations and befriending both the head of the Economics Department and the president of Duke, Richard Brodhead. To this day, President Brodhead will stop me on the main quad to chat. In short, my relationship with adults, born of my natural friendships with LCDS faculty, decisively improved what I was able to get out of University from the day I stepped on campus.
Scott Casale 
Duke University Student

I find that the low student-faculty ratio allows teachers the time and energy to assess the academic progress of every student in their classes on a day-to-day basis. It allows teachers to monitor subtle indicators of performance.
Diane Van Bodegraven 

An independent, college-preparatory school founded in 1908, Lancaster Country Day School combines a rigorous curriculum with a supportive and encouraging faculty to ensure that every preschool-12th grade student receives the best education available. In addition to Lancaster, students come from Hershey, York and Reading to become part of our vibrant, high-spirited community.

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