Shadow Day & First Impressions

A student visit to our campus, or shadow day, provides you the opportunity to become familiar with the school. You arrive in the morning and are paired with a student who the admission office thinks will relate best to you, whether they're from the same town, transferred from your school, or even better, are already a friend. You'll follow along with everything your student host does that day: attend classes, study hall, gym, lunch, etc. This will allow you to ask questions directly to students who already go to LCDS.

Okay, but what is this day like? It is a real look? Does it really show what the school will be like?

The Admission Office recently asked new students to tell them what they remembered about their shadow day. The newest students here were surprised by how nice, welcoming and non-clique-y the LCDS students seemed and how "cool" the teachers were. They liked that the school seemed big enough to offer opportunities but small enough to know them as individuals. A few of them said they felt like a part of the school from the time they visited.

Great, but that doesn't answer the question - is a shadow day an accurate depiction of LCDS?

To be totally honest, one day at LCDS could never show you our whole story and everything about it. Often new students claim that LCDS is even better than what they thought on their visits. You may think that we're just saying that because we want you to come visit, but it's true. Whether you believe us or not, a visit for a day will help you to understand what LCDS is all about and if it could be the right place for you.

New students this year have given the following feedback on what impressed them at LCDS and what you should check out:
  • The teachers went out of the way to be helpful
  • The middle school was one big group -- 6th graders were friends with 8th graders AND felt part of the whole school.
  • They were not afraid of High School (Upper School) students and liked having younger (Lower School) kids around.
  • They felt like they were part of a large family
  • The school treated them "like college students," asked a lot from them and gave them respect and freedom
  • The schedule was very popular. They loved morning meeting, break & snacks, having classes on 4 of the 5 days and, in the case of middle school, having 4 days of PE
  • Everyone seemed to trust each other

An independent, college-preparatory school founded in 1908, Lancaster Country Day School combines a rigorous curriculum with a supportive and encouraging faculty to ensure that every preschool-12th grade student receives the best education available. In addition to Lancaster, students come from Hershey, York and Reading to become part of our vibrant, high-spirited community.

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