Affording LCDS

We are committed to making an LCDS education available to applicants who strongly desire and are prepared to undertake a challenging educational program regardless of the family's ability to pay.

To help families with the cost of education, LCDS offers a variety of payment plans and a need-based tuition assistance program. Jarvis Merit Scholarships are also available. About 32 percent of LCDS students receive a portion of the $3.5 million of need-based tuition assistance that LCDS provides annually. Our commitment to providing tuition assistance means that we are sharing your investment in your child's education.

Every family, regardless of need, is asked to pay a portion of the tuition costs. The average tuition assistance grant is approximately $14,700. However, the amount of tuition assistance varies and is based on each family's unique situation, income, and circumstances.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

We are committed to making an LCDS education affordable to applicants who strongly desire and are prepared to undertake a challenging educational program, regardless of the family's ability to pay.

Annually, we provide more than $3 million in direct need-based tuition assistance grants. In addition, we offer 
Merit Scholarships and options that include monthly payment plans.

While the amount of aid for each family varies and is based on each unique situation, the average grant is approximately $14,700.

Just like the diversity within our LCDS community of students and families, the applicants who receive tuition assistance represent a spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds and situations. Therefore, the aid may vary from relatively small amounts to an amount much closer to full tuition. Every family, regardless of need, however, does pay a portion of tuition costs.

At LCDS, we use School and Student Services (SSS) to process tuition assistance applications. SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Based on the financial information you provide, SSS calculates for LCDS the estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses. This service makes it possible for us to make fair and objective tuition assistance decisions on your behalf.

Visit the NAIS website, You'll find answers to tuition assistance questions and easy-to-follow instructions to assist you in completing the Parents Financial Statement (PFS).

After you have completed the PFS and paid the SSS processing fee, you will be able to upload the required financial documents to the SSS site.

If you have questions, please call SSS at 800-344-8328. They're available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. EST.

Tuition assistance applications should be completed at the same time as admission applications.  Applying for tuition assistance after April 8 may reduce our ability to provide funding.

To speak with someone about Tuition Assistance at LCDS, please call Director of Admission Sandi Abraham at 717-392-2916, ext. 227.

Merit-based v. Need-based Tuition Assistance

Many families have questions about the difference between merit‐based and need‐based tuition assistance.

Merit‐based tuition assistance is awarded to candidates based on the strength of their applications exclusively. This would mean for example, that even children from families of significant means might be awarded the grant. The support would be in the form of a straight reduction in tuition. In most cases, and unless otherwise specified, all merit scholarships are renewable each year, and last through to graduation.

Examples of Lancaster Country Day School’s merit based scholarships would include the $12,000 Jarvis Scholarships, open to candidates for Country Day’s Middle or Upper Schools. Another example would include Legacy Partners Scholarships, open to the relatives of employees of select area partner institutions – Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster General Health and the Junior Leagues of Lancaster, Berks, and York Counties. 

Need‐based tuition assistance is awarded to accepted candidates based on the families’ circumstances. Need‐based aid represents the majority of aid provided by Lancaster Country Day School. In 2010‐11, LCDS provided over $1.9 million in need‐based financial aid to over 25 percent of the student body. Applicants interested in need‐based aid complete an application with the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), and submit a W2 and a copy of their most recent Income Tax documents. Need‐based grants are renewable each year, but are subject to the potentially changing income circumstances of the family. Families with relatively stable income and assets can expect scholarships to fall within a reliable band of support and, with yearly submission of documentation, are renewable through to graduation

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