Meaningful Play

Early Childhood

The goal of our Lower School Early Childhood Program (Pre School and Junior Kindergarten) is to provide a safe stimulating environment where each child is allowed to explore, discover, and learn at his/her own pace. Our preschoolers are encircled in a warm, safe environment led by caring, nurturing professional teachers. Each child is challenged to live to their full potential in an atmosphere that fosters social, physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of each child's development. This strengthens a child's self-image and feelings of competence while instilling the love of learning.

The active classroom environment is comprised of rich learning centers that allow a child choice of activities to learn and explore individually or in small groups. These experiences are based on seasonal themes, children's interests, and learning goals of which language, math, science, and social studies are key components. The teacher guides the children as they choose activities that will help them develop and grow. Topics are introduced regularly and are based on our curriculum goals. They arise from the interests of the children and/ or events that take place in the classroom on a daily basis. Teachers integrate literacy, social studies, math, music and art into each theme.

Meaningful play is a significant element of learning at LCDS. It is the one means children have of processing and understanding their world. It encompasses social, emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits that the brain needs to fully develop and facilitates a child physical and sensorimotor development as he/she runs, jumps, digs, paints, draws, and in other ways has direct contact with the earth and culture around him/her. It promotes social learning as he/she plays with other children adjusting behaviors to the needs and demands of their peers. It supports emotional growth as the child projects their feelings onto toys and works out their feelings in a constructive way. It promotes cognitive development as the child works symbolically with art materials, dramatic play; constructing patterns of meaning from interactions with things and people. (Singer and Singer 1990)

Lancaster Country Days' uniquely balanced program comprised of academics and meaningful play fully prepares each child for a life time of academic success and instills the lifelong love of learning.

With the dynamic classroom experience, children attend art, music, media, physical education and science classes taught by teachers with special knowledge and interest in these subjects. It is important to note that the specific content of the curriculum varies according to the number of days in which your child is enrolled.

All of our teachers and assistants are highly qualified professionals who are dedicated and passionate about their work with children and their families.

Strong communication between home and school is vital. Two formal conferences are scheduled during each school year. Additional conferences are encouraged whenever additional time is needed to work through issues that arise. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the life of the LCDS community.

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    Preschool Teacher
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