iPad FAQs

List of 22 frequently asked questions.

  • Why was the iPad chosen as the 1:1 platform of choice?

    • It gives our students instant, portable access to information and educational resources
    • It has large support in the education market with thousands of apps
    • It works well with our Harkness tables because the flat design allows for face-to-face communication around the table
    • Its tablet design makes an excellent note taking platform
    • It has built in apps for student organization
    • It has a ten hour battery life, reducing the need for chargers and power
    • It can be a replacement for paper textbooks, lightening our students’ backpacks
  • When will students first receive their iPad?

    iPads will be distributed to students in August. Further information will be sent to parents regarding distribution.
  • What will be my cost for the iPad program?

    There will be no additional cost or fee for the iPad. LCDS will provide the current 32 GB, Wi-Fi only model of iPad, a charger, a case, and specific apps for course work. Any additional apps, cases or accessories will be the responsibility of the student.
  • What happens if an iPad gets broken, lost or stolen?

    If an iPad is broken, lost, or stolen, the family will be billed $100 to cover the insurance deductible.
  • If my student's iPad is broken, lost or stolen will s/he be at a disadvantage in class?

    A student should experience very little downtime. LCDS will loan the student a new, fully functional iPad to borrow. The iPad will then be repaired or replaced.
  • May students opt out of using the iPad altogether?

    No. We want every student to be on equal footing and part of a 1-1 technology environment so s/he is able to fully participate with classmates and the teacher in each class when technology is necessary.
  • Will there be any training for students on how to use the iPad?

    Yes. We will have an iPad orientation when the iPads are distributed. Ongoing iPad Training will be provided throughout the school year.
  • Will the school do any training for parents about the iPad?

    Yes, we will be hosting parent education events. Communication about these events will be distributed to parents. 
  • Can students install their own apps?

    Yes. We will be preloading the iPads with some apps, but we do want students to be able to load their own as well.
  • Can I, as a parent, control what apps my child installs?

    Yes, there is a way to set up parental control for loading apps and making any changes to the iPad. Parental controls must not inhibit the use of the iPad for coursework at LCDS. This will be discussed during the parent education events.
  • Will I be able to purchase an additional iPad or a different model of iPad through LCDS to take advantage of any offered discounts?

    Unfortunately, the answer is no.
  • My student already has an iPad. Will s/he be able to use that one?

    No. We want to make sure that every student has the same device with uniform features.
  • Will the internet be filtered on the student iPads?

    While on campus, the student iPads will be filtered exactly like our current computers are.
  • Am I required to have internet access at home for the iPad program?

    While wireless Internet access at home is not a requirement, the iPad is much less effective without it. For example, wireless Internet access will allow students to do research at home as well as be able to email back and forth with their teachers. The iPad that LCDS is going to provide to students won't have 3G service (cell service) and they won't require any monthly access fee to use. However, they will have to have access to some sort of Wi-Fi service to connect to the Internet. If students don't have Wi-Fi access at home, they will still be able to get on the Internet at school and at many businesses like Starbucks, Panera Bread Company, or McDonalds restaurants. Also, many public buildings like libraries have free wireless access available.

    If you have any sort of Internet access at your home but you don't have wireless, it is actually very easy to add. Feel free to contact Mike Schmelder if you need some help on how to set this up.
  • Will my student still need a laptop computer even if s/he has an iPad?

    While the iPad was never intended as a complete computer replacement, the iPad should be able to handle the vast majority of a student's needs.
  • How can a student type papers without a keyboard?

    After researching iPad usage at other schools, it is our belief that most students will have no problem with typing on the virtual keyboard on the iPad screen. However, students may purchase wireless keyboards or case/keyboard combinations to facilitate more traditional typing.
  • Will all textbooks be available electronically next year?

    Unfortunately no. Not all textbooks are currently available. We are in the process of evaluating our current textbooks and will transition to electronic versions where we are able. We will continue to transition to fully interactive electronic textbooks in a thoughtful manner to make sure our students are using the best learning resources available and not simply transitioning to any e-textbook just because it's available.
  • I understand that many textbooks may not be available in an electronic version next year. What about novels that are required reading in some classes?

    Most novels that will be used in our courses are available electronically and for those that are available, students will have the option of using the electronic version.
  • Will I need to create a new iTunes account for my child to use with the iPad?

    LCDS will require each student to create an iTunes account with their LCDS email. This setup will be a part of the student orientation sessions.
  • Do I need to create an iCloud account to use with the iPad?

    An iCloud account is associated with each student’s iTunes account. This account provides space to backup iPad data, such as notes, images, and app settings.
  • I understand that students will need access to an iTunes account to use with the iPad. Don't iTunes accounts require a credit card? How will I keep my student from charging iTunes purchases without my permission?

    It is possible to set up an iTunes account that does not have a credit card attached to it. Purchases can be controlled in many different ways, including gifting an app, gift cards, or purchase allowances.
  • May I Jailbreak my iPad?

    If an iPad is jailbroken, it voids the warranty. If you jailbreak (process of removing limitations imposed by the manufacturer) your iPad, you are responsible for the cost of the device.

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