Visual Arts

Studio Arts

The studio arts program at LCDS introduces students to a wide variety of both two- and three-dimensional art forms in a sequential curriculum. Classes are designed to inspire a lifelong appreciation for art, build student’s confidence in their creative abilities and help students develop the skills they need to express themselves articulately in visual form.

Lower School Studio Arts

The goal of the Lower School visual arts program at LCDS is to help students gain self-confidence as they develop their perceptual and technical skills and their appreciation and understanding of art. Lower School students work with a wide variety of media and materials in both two and three dimensions. In each grade, students learn about the elements and principles of art along with major art movements and artists through developmentally appropriate lessons. Through interdisciplinary studies, students explore how art and art history connect with their other subjects. And multicultural art forms are studied to give students a balanced and well-rounded understanding of art and its links to every culture. With each studio experience, their technical skills improve, they become more observant of the world around them and they gain confidence in their ability to express themselves in visual form.

Lower School Art Faculty

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  • Photo of Mary Ferris

    Mary Ferris 

    LS Art Faculty

Middle School Studio Arts

The Middle School visual arts program fosters the skills our students need to express themselves creatively and to become lifelong appreciators of art. Through our studio based classes, students work with a variety of media in both two and three dimensions as they build and hone their perceptual, creative and technical skills. In addition, the Middle School visual arts curriculum teaches students about their artistic heritage by introducing them to the work of many famous artists and to indigenous artwork from different cultures around the globe and across time. Through this study, our students are challenged to use and develop their art vocabulary and their observational skills, learning to critically evaluate art.

In addition to our general art classes, students in grades seven and eight can elect to take a year-long course in animation art or iPad photography. In animation class, students create original short films using various stop motion animation techniques. They storyboard their ideas, shoot them with various cameras, and then cut them into a final film using video and audio editing software. In photography, students work with the elements and principles of design as they learn to compose their images and edit them using a variety of photo enhancing apps.

Middle School Art Faculty

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    Diane Wilikofsky 

    Art Department Chair | MS Art Faculty

Upper School Studio Arts

2D Studio Arts

The broad range LCDS’s Upper School 2-D studio arts offerings — drawing, painting, printmaking and design – are structured specifically to hone students’ observational, analytical and critical thinking skills by challenging them to channel their creativity into self-expression. The elements and principles of design serve both as building blocks and connecting links across a broad range of media and techniques. The result is that students leave LCDS with a sophisticated understanding of 2-D art, as well as its place in history and world culture. 

3D Studio Arts

At all levels of both ceramics and sculpture instruction, we encourage students to explore the relationships between material and process, form and function. They learn to think, write and speak intelligently about their work, set their own goals and critically evaluate their efforts and the resulting forms. They solve problems on the fly and engage in collaborative learning, enlisting one another’s thoughts and opinions to make each individual’s work stronger.

2D Studio Arts Faculty

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    Candace Thompson 

    MS | US Art Faculty

3D Studio Arts Faculty

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    Beky Weidner 

    US Art Faculty
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