Visual Arts

Digital Media

Students are guided into and through the unique realm of creative processing making them more aware of their sensory perceptions and developing their analytical abilities.


The photography/digital imaging curriculum encompasses more than simply rendering what appears in the camera’s viewfinder. Students learn visual communication skills, design, and how to create fine art imagery using light, a camera, a scanner and Adobe Photoshop. We study the work of both contemporary and past photography masters, and students learn to understand their own work better by journaling about it and discussing the work during class critiques. This curriculum fosters critical thinking and creative problem solving skills for all students, but especially provides students who intend to pursue in college with the requisite skills to succeed.

Student Publications

Creativity, writing, graphic design, communication, collaboration and project management are the skills that tomorrow’s employers will most demand. Country Day’s Upper School students are able to develop and hone those skills in a variety of media arts courses. These include the student-run newspaper (The Fourth Estate), the all-school yearbook (Challenge), and our literary magazine (Impressions).

The Yearbook Staff takes on this year-long project that will be printed and shared with every student in the school. A theme is chosen early in the year and adhered to throughout the months of production of a keepsake. This class teaches students how to work as a team to communicate through photos and text to reproduce the year in print.

The Upper School newspaper is published monthly and is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of journalism, design and page layout. Students learn to write effectively and for a variety of audiences, purposes and occasions; they approach the creative process collaboratively and hone speaking, listening, viewing, interviewing and critical thinking skills. 

Digital Arts Faculty

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    Gina Donnelly 

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    Nathan Grann 

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