Summer Camps 2016

Preschool Fun Camp
A fun-filled week of games, arts & crafts, and outdoor activities.  Children will spend the morning with one of our early elementary education teachers and to engage in cooperative and creative learning.
Ages: Preschool to Kindergarten
Date June 13-17
Time: 9am to Noon
Teacher: Jennifer Sebelist
Cost: $180

Kindergarten Jump Start
“JUMP” into Kindergarten with confidence! Keep your Kindergarten child's academic concepts fresh while they make friends (and have some fun).  Kindergarten Jump Start is the perfect way to enrich your Kindergarten child’s summer days. Snack will be provided. Make sure to bring a lunch for Dining Commons etiquette 101!
Ages: Kindergartener for 2016
Date August 8 - 11
Time: 9am to 1pm
Teacher: Kevia Walton & Cathy Swiatek
Cost: $125
Improv and Stage Combat (how to fight safely on stage like the pros!) - CANCELLED
Come learn the art of Improv, thinking on your feet and having fun! How about some professional stage combat and making theatre masks? The students will spend the week with professional teaching artists and have a final performance to showcase their work on Friday, June 24th, at 4pm for parents and friends.
Ages: Rising 5th through 8th graders 
Date: June 20 - June 24
Time: 9am-4pm
Cost: $350 per student
Teacher: Kristin Wolanin - Joining will also be Diane Wilikofsky and Laurie Peterson
The Wizard of Oz, Jr. - CANCELLED
Come join Dorothy and her friends as they travel through the magical land of Oz!!! Students will enjoy three weeks of musical theatre camp that includes theatre games, music and dance. The students will learn and perform The Wizard of Oz, Jr. the final day of camp, July 15th, at 3pm for parents and friends.
Ages: Rising 3rd through 6th graders
Date: June 27 - July 15
Time: 9am-3pm
Cost: $800 per student
Teacher: Kristin Wolanin & Heather Woodbridge
Shaking Up Shakespeare!!!
Come join the fun as we tackle one of Shakespeare's favorite love stories, "As You Like It". In five fun and drama filled days, we will produce a 30 minute version to perform on Friday for parents and friends. Are you up for the challenge? There will be theatre games, the show to put on, and also mask making. Come experience what Shakespeare is all about! This is going to be brilliant! Or as they say back in Shakespeare's time, "Huzzah!"
Ages: Rising 7th through 12th graders
Date: July 18 - 22
Time: 9am-4pm
Cost: $350 
Teacher: Kristin Wolanin & Paige Hoke
Co-produced by: Theater of the Seventh Sister and Lancaster Country Day School

Passport to Dance- CANCELLED
Join us for a fun week of dancing around the world! From ballet to Bollywood, hip hop to hula, tap to tribal, and anything in between! We will learn various dance styles and techniques, create fun crafts to use with our dances, and learn about different parts of the globe. Families may join us for the last 15 minutes on the last day of camp for our mini performance.
Ages: 3rd to 5th grade
Date: June 20-24
Time: 9am to 12pm
Teacher: Christine Healy
Cost: $180
Machine Makers
Students will learn the basics of computer aided design to 3D print parts for robots, geared machines or custom lighting features. 3D printed components will be connected/integrated with micro controllers and electrical components through programming in the C++ language. In this way, students learn how to design a goal oriented machine and then program it.
Date: June 20 - June 24 (rising 4th-6th grade)
        June 27 - July 1 (rising 7th and up)
Time: 9am-12pm
Cost: $200
Teacher: Kit Fuderich
Make and Create Camp
Campers will do a little of this and do a little of that!  Part of the morning will be learning and using code to program characters to move, as well as learn the beginning steps to video game design.  The second part of the morning will be devoted to using math, science, the outdoors and tinkering to make a boat, to play balloon blow up and to compete in a water drop race!  
Ages: Grades 1 to 3
Date: July 18-22
Time: 9am to 12pm
Teacher: Caroline Badri
Cost: $180
LEGO Great Ball Contraption Camp
What is a LEGO Great Ball Contraption?  Imagine the "Mouse Trap" game super-sized in LEGO.  Imagine a continuous looping Rube Goldberg machine with LEGO.  A quick search on YouTube of "Great Ball Contraption" will yield hours of entertainment and LEGO inspiration.  This LEGO GBC camp will focus on the fundamentals of mechanical principles of design and implementation to move LEGO soccer balls and basket balls using methods limited only by the imagination of the builder.  Successful modules may be presented at a LEGO convention in Washington D.C. (BrickFair) the first weekend of August to participate in a large public collaborative display.
 Age: Rising 5th - Rising 8th
Date: June 20-24
Time: 9am to 12pm
Teacher: Mike Tighe (LCDS LEGO Robotic Team Coach)
Cost: $180
LEGO SumoBot Camp
LEGO SumoBot competitions have been around since shortly after LEGO introduced the LEGO Robotics Invention System in 1998.  Each LEGO SumoBot round consists of 2 LEGO robots placed in a 4 foot white ring with a black border.  Each robot attempts to find the other robot and push it outside the ring.  This camp will focus on the fundamentals of mechanical design and programming aimed at detection and traction to implement good defensive strategies and offensive tactics.  One on one competitions will be held with the class winner to receive a small LEGO trophy.  Successful robots may be presented at a LEGO convention in Washington D.C. (BrickFair) the first weekend of August to participate in a LEGO SumoBot competition to be held during public hours.
Ages: Rising 5th - Rising 8th
Date: June 20-24
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Teacher: Mike Tighe (LCDS LEGO Robotic Team Coach)
Cost: $180 

Animation Art
Did you ever want to make your own stop motion animated films? Well here is your chance.
Learn how to draw a storyboard, make sets and characters, use cameras and computer capture software, edit your rough footage, and compose an original soundtrack. When you are all done you will have your own stop motion animated film! All you need is patience.
Come join us this June.
Ages: 9-13 (rising 4th through 7th grade)
Date: June 20 - 24
Mornings: 9am-12pm
Cost: $180
Teacher: Diane Wilikofsky
Summer Writing Camp
This week-long summer creative writing workshop is for students in grades 6-8.  For three hours a day, students will read, discuss, and write poetry and fiction with the goal of helping them develop their creative and critical abilities with language. Camp is led by LCDS 7th grade English teacher-writer, Meghan Kenny.  Writing will be done in and outside of the classroom on the LCDS campus where students will write their own short stories and poems, and receive peer and teacher feedback for revision.  At the end of camp, students will share their writing at a public reading and publish a piece of their own writing in the camp’s anthology online.
Grades: rising 6th to 8th graders
Dates: June 20 to June 24
Time: 9am-12pm or 1pm to 4pm
Price: $180
Teacher: Meghan Kenny
Jewelry Making for Kids- CANCELLED
Make wearable sculpture. This camp will introduce basic jewelry making techniques that will enable the children to make unique pieces of wearable art. We will learn basic wire wrapping to create jewelry, such as rings. We will also use re-purposed  and recycled materials to create unexpectedly beautiful finished pieces of jewelry.
Ages: Grades 2 through 5
Date: June 20-24
Time: 9am to 12pm
Teachers: Kevia Walton & Cathy Swiatek
Cost: $190 for week

Kitchen Science
Cooking is not just an art form, it’s science.  Kids will explore real biological and chemical principles and phenomena such as respiration, emulsification, oxidation, and chemical reactions, by making bread with yeast, whipping up a smooth cheese sauce for mac and cheese, and learning the secret to the perfect cookie.  They will discover what makes a lemon sour, and how turning the sour down in a sauce can make it salty instead. They’ll even learn the difference between soap and detergent, so that they can do a good job cleaning up too! Kids should bring an apron or wear stainable clothes, and be prepared to tie long hair back. We will taste what we make, and if we can, send leftovers home.  Diverse ingredients will be used, but we will avoid nuts.
 Ages: Rising 4th through rising 8th grades
Dates: June 27-July 1
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Cost: $180
Teacher: Juliette Winterer

LCDS Leadership Academy- CANCELLED
Develop your leadership skills and learn about your leadership style through a week a the LCDS Leadership Academy. Through team building exercises, discussion, videos, and reflection you will stretch your comfort zone and enhance your leadership.
Ages: Rising 10th through 12th graders
Dates: Tuesday, July 5 - Friday, July 8 & Monday, July 11
Time: 9am to 12pm
Cost: $180 per student
Teacher: Austen Hannis

Tennis Festival- CANCELLED
Players of all abilities can come and share the courts with others interested in the game of tennis. Either by pairing up for singles or doubles matches or for short lessons to rehearse a technical skill. Beginners can learn the fundamentals of the tennis grip, footwork, forehand and backhand strokes while advanced players can choose to challenge others or make use of the ball machine or racket feeds for additional practice.
Ages: 12 and up
Dates: Week of June 20-24 and June 27-July 1
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Cost: $180
Teacher: Kit Fuderich

Girls Lacrosse
The Lancaster Country Day Cougars Girls Lacrosse program has partnered with Full Force Lacrosse in order to offer an instructional lacrosse camp for girls entering 1st through 12th grade.  This camp is designed to provide each player with the best lacrosse instruction in a fun and positive learning environment.  Click here for more information and required waiver.
Ages: Grades 1-5 and 6-12
Dates:June 27-June 30
Time: 9am-10:30am or 11am-1pm
Cost: $75 (Gr. 1-5) and $100 (Gr. 6-12)
Teacher: Claudia Ovchinnikoff

Boys Lacrosse
The Lancaster Country Day School/ Lancaster Catholic/ JP McCaskey (Cougars) Boys Lacrosse Program will be holding youth camps, offering boys in grades 3 - 8 with lacrosse instruction in a fun and positive learning environment.  Click here for more information and required waiver.
Grades 3 & 4: June 20-June 22 (9am-1pm)
Grades 5 & 6: July 11-July 13 (9am-1pm)
Grades 7 & 8: July 18-July 20 (9am-1pm)
Cost: $100 per player for all levels 
Teacher: Zach Lombardo


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